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Into My Arms

Sonya Derviz, My-Lan Hoang-Thuy, Shamiran Istifan and Li Li Ren

19 January - 4 March 2023

From the ether, the gentle uncanny. Glimpses seemingly through windows; angelic figures in a state of embrace; stalactites congealing on electric chorals: the phantasmagoric particles of life on earth. A never-ending history of surrealism, modernised and mechanised. Across painting and sculpture, Derviz, Hoang-Thuy, Istifan and Ren look to comfort, voyeurism and the spiritual as inexplicable embellishments of the mundane, constant renegotiations of situation, mind and body.

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Li Li Ren, The dissolution of the BLUE, 2023_ courtesy the artist and Sherbet Green.jpg
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