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The Toe Rag - Issue 1 - Locality

The Toe Rag - Issue 1 - Locality

The Toe Rag is a quarterly arts and culture magazine focused on non-profit and independent arts in London. Launched in December 2023, it was created to place artists, artistic spaces, and communities in dialogue with one another.

The publication hopes to foster a vibrant ecosystem that uplifts and celebrates the creative brilliance of the city, while critically examining culture and the systems in which it is embedded. Regarding print as an invaluable medium for the dissemination of ideas and democratisation of information, The Toe Rag prioritises slower, more thoughtful creation over efficiency of output, opening up new possibilities for rest and play, togetherness and joyful curiosity. As a registered C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) with non-profit status, we are firmly rooted in our commitment to serving the community. 

Winter Issue, December 2023



The inaugural issue addressed how creating a London-focused publication draws boundaries around ideas and spaces, inherently engaging with politics of inclusion and exclusion. We considered how giving a voice to local issues risks precluding perspectives from outside this geographical boundary, or understanding the city within a global context. Exploring the small-scale communities, climates and economies of place, we published a breadth of materials, from archival interrogations to knitting patterns.


Thibault Aedy, Em Bauer, Ilana Blumberg, Hector Campbell, Yasmin N.D, Niamh Glanville-Frayne, Isabella Greenwood, Tayshan Hayden-Smith, Haseeb Iqbal, Luk Man Hon, Athen Kardashian, Isabel MacCarthy, Valentina Magaletti, Paul McGann, Arthur Osofsky, Archie Owen, Max Peston, Planningtorock, Inez de Rijke, Sebastián Sánchez-Schilling, Sin Wai Kin, Liv Thomas & Lydia Wilford.

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