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Tender like asphalt

Xiaochi Dong, Kalpesh Lathigra & Juliette Lena Hager

10 November - 22 December 2023

Taking object as mapped reality, Tender like asphalt comprises works that negotiate paths of communication between the subjective, transcendent realm, and the presumed absolutes of time, space, cause and effect. Whether through studies of internal subjects reflected in snail shells and dirt-gashed earth, fleeting snapshots of hotel rooms and other liminal spaces, or assemblages pointing to the performativity of objects, Dong, Lathigra and Hager here employ the mechanical and chemical processes that underpin how we accept and assimilate with the world around us. 

The works presented have formed from quiet reflections on the absurdity of change, ceremonies and rituals used to digest societal structures, and constructed observations to mark the existence of figures and events. There is an inherent desire across these three, intersecting practices to unpick and derealise figments of daily life, as much as to construct dreamlike passages above its platitudes, coded behaviours and strange serendipities, evoking the solace, and often philosophical precision, of distance from and digestion of realities.

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Kalpesh Lathigra, Nicole, 2023, unique Polaroid photograph, walnut frame

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