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Li Li Ren

Across her practice, Li Li Ren negotiates the constantly morphing relationships between objects in space. In her built environments, which expand beyond the physical exhibition space into imagined realms situated between the biologically understood or plausible, and the highly-fantastical, she approximates certain shapes, subjects and environments, while also subverting them through unexpected material applications and abstractions — for example, hard glass cosplaying as soft jelly. In this world-building exercise, the artist often incorporates forms associated with the Anthropocene, the ocean, biology, altered states and maternity, ultimately desiring to queer and elude those connotations to flatten and destabilise humanism through an amplification of the similarities, as well as the strangeness, of human and non-human existence.

Frieze Sculpture Opens, Unveiling 20 Stunning Artworks in London’s Art Oasis at the Regent’s Park, Artnet News, 2023

To find a way home, Frieze Sculpture, 2023

Review: Sunset as Burning Bruise, Art Ba Ba, 2022

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